The Arizona Game and Fish Department sets the regulations and hunts for the Kaibab National Forest.

Kaibab Mule Deer Hunting


District-wide, but split into two hunting units.

The North Kaibab deer herd is migratory. To determine where the deer are you must know the past weather for a period of at least two weeks. The deer usually remain on the higher elevation summer range until late October, unless an early snow drives them out.

By early November, the deer are starting to move and are as low as the pinyon juniper areas. During late hunts (last of November), the deer have moved off the plateau and are found from the dense pinyon juniper to the sagebrush points above Kanab Creek.

Remember: Motorized and mechanized vehicles and equipment are not permitted in the Wilderness. When conditions are wet, please stay on gravel roads.

The Season

The Arizona Game and Fish Department sets the hunt dates and numbers. Hunters are selected by drawing. The normal hunting periods are: bow hunts in August and September, rifle hunts in early and late November, special hunts, if any, in October.

The elevation, topography and vegetation will vary depending on the hunting unit you draw, and where in that unit you choose to hunt.

During hunting season many of the Forest Service campgrounds are closed for the year. Because of the reduced facilities and services, make sure you arrive with adequate water. Also, please pack out any garbage. Gasoline, basic foods, and a restaurant are available at Jacob Lake AZ. Come prepared for your needs and try to anticipate emergencies.

Sometimes the weather conditions during the fall are dry and the forest is vulnerable to wildfire. Please be careful with campfires, and don’t leave your campfire unattended at any time. Please report any unattended campfires or wildfires.


The Arizona Game and Fish Department requires that each successful Kaibab deer hunter present his/her deer for inspection at the Jacob Lake Check In Station on Forest Development Road (FDR) 461, 1/2 mile south of Jacob Lake, AZ. The Station is open from 8:00 a.m. daily and until 12:00 Noon on the day after the close of the hunt. Failure to check out in person will result a citation and confiscation of the deer.

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