At Jacob Lake Inn, we are lucky to be located within a few hours drive from some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the Southwest. If you are flying in from Las Vegas, there are many national parks and attractions you can visit while you make your way to Jacob Lake Inn and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This four-day adventure gives you the opportunity to explore Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Jacob Lake, and the North Rim before catching a return flight in Las Vegas.

Four-Day Trip Itinerary

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Day 1: Las Vegas to Zion National Park

Las Vegas and Zion National Park

Day 1: Las Vegas and Zion National Park

Travel on 1-15 to Hurricane and on to Springdale; 160 miles total

Things to see in Zion

  • Hikes: Narrows, Angels’ Landing, Hidden Canyon, Weeping Rock, Canyon Overlook, etc.
  • Rock-climbing
  • Rock Rappelling
  • Wildlife Observation
  • Scenic Drive
  • Sorella Art Gallery– knowledgeable about the area including Zion National Park
  • For more information, check out the Zion National Park Website

Spend the night in Springdale, Hurricane or St. George, Utah



Day 2: Bryce Canyon and Jacob Lake Inn

Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon

 Day 2: Bryce Canyon and Jacob Lake Inn

Travel Highway 89 to Bryce Canyon; 89 miles

Explore Bryce Canyon for the day- ask at the visitor entrance for specifics

 Things to do at Bryce Canyon

  • Hikes: Picaboo loop, Navajo Trail, Inspiration Point, Rainbow Point, Sunrise Point, Under the Rim Trail, etc.
  • Interpretive Ranger Programs
  • For more information view the Bryce Canyon Website

Bryce Canyon to Jacob Lake Inn

Travel from Bryce Canyon to Jacob Lake Inn

Drive from Bryce Canyon to Jacob Lake Inn on US Highway 89 to 89A 110 miles




Here are some ideas of places to visit on your way to Jacob Lake Inn:

Things to do at Jacob Lake Inn



Day 3: Jacob Lake Inn and the North Rim

Jacob Lake Inn to the Grand Canyon

Drive from Jacob Lake Inn to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

The drive from Jacob Lake Inn to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon takes about an hour and is incredibly beautiful. During the fall, the aspen trees that are intermixed with the ponderosa pines change colors to vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. The forest drive is gorgeous, and as you get closer to the North Rim, you will see glimpses of the Grand Canyon through the trees.

Things to do at Grand Canyon North Rim

Things to do at Grand Canyon North Rim

Bright Angel Point

At the Lodge

  • Historic North Rim Lodge,
  • Bright Angel Point
  • Transept Trail– 3 mi. round-trip; 1.5 hours approximate round-trip hiking time. Follows the canyon rim from Grand Canyon Lodge to the North Rim Campground.
  • Bridle Trail– This trail follows the road as it connects the Grand Canyon Lodge with the North Kaibab Trailhead, a distance of 1.2
  • North Kaibab Trail– Distance and hiking times vary. This is the only maintained trail into the canyon from the North Rim. Even a short hike to Coconino Overlook (1.5 miles) or Supai Tunnel (4 miles round-trip) can give you an appreciation for the canyon’s rich natural beauty and immense size. Semi strenuous hiking.
  • Visitor Center– ask here for information

Point Imperial

Point Imperial

  • View of the beginning of the Grand Canyon
  • Ken Patrick Trail– Winds through the forest and along the rim of the canyon, not a loop. (pants and hiking shoes suggested)
  • Point Imperial Trail– 4 miles, approximate 2 hours round-trip hiking time. This easy trail passes through areas burned by the 2000 Outlet Fire and ends at the north park boundary.

Cliff Springs

On your way to Cape Royal there is a wonderful hike called Cliff Springs.

  • The trail begins directly across the road from a small pullout on a curve 0.3 miles before Cape Royal. It’s 1 mile long and will take about an hour. You meander down a forested ravine and end where a chest high bolder rests under a large overhang. The spring is on the cliff side of the boulder. Grand Canyon views, excellent stop for a picnic.
  • First view of Angels Window seen from the pull out where you park.

Cape Final Trail

  • 4 miles about 2 hours round trip hiking time. A 2 mile walk from dirt parking area to Cape Final. This trail offers spectacular views of the canyon.

Cape Royal- Best View of the North Rim

Cape Royal View

  • 3 Viewpoints; Angels Window, Cape Royal and the Wedding Sight.
  • Easy walk on a flat paved trail
  • Only place on the North Rim where you can see the Colorado River.
  • Markers along the trail interpret the areas natural history.

Hikes We Suggest

Hikes We Suggest

Widforss Trail-

  • Blends forest and canyon scenery. Even a short walk can be satisfying. Take the dirt road 1/4mile south of Cape Royal for 1 mile to the Widforss trailhead parking area. Self-guiding trail brochure available at trailhead.

Arizona Trail

  • The Arizona Trail is an ambitious project that traverses the length of Arizona from the Utah border to Mexico and is part of the great Western Trail System. A section of this trail enters the park near the North Entrance and roughly parallels the highway until it connects with the North Kaibab Trail, a distance of approximately 10 miles

Roosevelt Point Trail

  • 2 mi. round-trip; 20 minutes approximate round-trip hiking time. This trail is a short, secluded woodland loop with spectacular views. Offers benches for relaxed enjoyment of the canyon. Located about halfway between Grand Canyon Lodge and Cape Royal, just as the highway makes a big bend while approaching the canyon’s edge. Look for the small roadside parking area. 



Day 4: Return to Las Vegas

Return to Las Vegas

Day 4: Jacob Lake Inn to Las Vegas; 222 miles

Start off the day with a delicious breakfast at the Jacob Lake Inn restaurant and take a look at our extensive Native American art gallery. Pick up some of our famous cookies for the road and prepare for a wonderful day in Las Vegas.

  The trip takes about three and a half hours, so depending on what time you leave Jacob Lake Inn and what time your plane leaves, you can have a half day to spend in Las Vegas.



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