Attractions: The road to Crazy Jug viewpoint offers a beautiful ride through a stand of ponderosa pines. From the point you can enjoy a panoramic view of Grand Canyon National Park looking into Tapeats Amphitheater. Crazy Jug Point offers a spectacular canyonlands panorama, with Fishtail Mesa to the west and Steamboat Mountain and Powell Plateau directly to the south. Here you will have a good opportunity to view wildlife, particularly squirrel, fox, deer, hawks, eagles, and several song bird species. This is the site of a large lightening-caused fire in 1996.

Fee: None

Access: Turn right on Forest Development Road (FDR) 461 114 miles south of Kaibab Plateau Visitor Center on AZ 67. Go 5.5 miles on FDR 461 to FDR 462; go right on FDR 462 for 3 miles to the intersection of FDR 22. Turn left for about 12 miles to FDR 425; turn right onto FDR 425 and follow this road for 10 miles to FDR 292; turn right onto FDR 292 for 1.5 miles, then turn left onto FDR 292B to the end of the road at Crazy Jug Viewpoint. All roads are suitable for passenger cars

Water and Facilities: None. Bring everything that you will need.

Round Trip from Jacob Lake: 64 miles

Length of Trail:22.5 Miles round trip to Crazy Jug Viewpoint, an additional 3 miles round trip to monument point.

Elevation: 7450 Feet

USGS map: (15′ Quad) Tapeats Amphitheater and Timp Point

Season: from late spring to late fall, depending on weather. Be prepared for summer thunderstorms.

Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous

Use: Light

Information provided by the North Kaibab Ranger District


Though the North Kaibab Ranger District is wild and remote, it is nevertheless a fragile place. This primitive land has remained as beautiful- as it is because it is relatively free of human impact. You can make sure that you leave the area in as good a condition as you found it by practicing low-impact riding.

  • Share the trail; bikes should yield to horses and to hikers. On the roads, yield to other vehicles.
  • Stay on roads or trails designated as open to mountain bikes. Don’t ride cross‑country.
  • Don’t short cut or cut switchbacks.
  • Don’t cut ruts by riding on muddy trails or roads.
  • Heed trail closures and no trespassing signs.
  • Leave gates as you find them.
  • Mountain bikes are NOT permitted in wilderness areas.
  • Practice good “leave-no-trace” outdoor ethics.

More Views from Crazy Jug Point

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