Come Explore Beautiful Highway 67

Arizona’s Highway 67 or the Kaibab Plateau Scenic Byway was described by Arizona Highways Magazine as “the most beautiful 44 miles in Arizona.” The road begins at Jacob Lake Inn and ends at Bright Angel Lodge on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Ride The Most Beautiful 44 Miles in Arizona

Highway 67 takes you from tall ponderosa pines that seem to close in over the road to the sudden expanse of a meadow full of wildflowers. It is not uncommon to see deer and other wildlife in the meadows as one travels towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. During the early fall, bikers are delighted by the glorious vastness of hill after hill of aspen trees in all their glorious colors. Come experience “the most beautiful 44 miles in Arizona” as you bike to the stunning North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


Bikers are advised to use proper safety equipment and precautions during a ride. Temperatures are often in excess of 90°F (32°C) at this higher elevation in summer months and riders are cautioned to bring plenty of water and to use sunscreen.

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