In the Morning See the California Condors

Join us for a delicious, homemade breakfast in our restaurant. After Breakfast depart for the Condor viewing point in the Houserock Valley.  Head east on Hwy 89-A for approx. 14 miles and turn left at the junction with Houserock road 1065.  The condor viewing station is on the east side of the road approx. 2.5 miles from the junction.  The best time for viewing the condors is in the morning or late afternoon/evening, so take this into account when planning your day.

In The Afternoon Visit Navajo Bridge

Navajo Bridge at Dusk (2)

Keep heading east on 89-A towards Navajo Bridge.  There is a historic marker approx. 7 miles from the Houserock Road Junction that gives a brief history of the Escalante-Dominguez expedition of 1776 in the area.  Navajo Bridge is approximately 28 miles from the Houserock Road Junction (21 miles from the historic marker.)  Navajo Bridge offers an amazing view of the Colorado River and the visitor center there can provide information about the bridge and the surrounding area.

Explore Lee’s Ferry and Fish the Colorado River

Lee's Ferry Sunset

After seeing the Navajo Bridge, stop by Lee’s Ferry on your way back.  The Lee’s Ferry road is located on the north side of Highway 89A just to the southwest of Navajo Bridge.  Lee’s Ferry offers some of the best fishing on the Colorado River.  It is also a very historical place being the original crossing of the Colorado River (the Escalante-Dominguez party even tried to cross here, but ultimately failed.)

Return For Dinner and a Night of Native American Culture

Jacob Lake Inn Dining Room Grand Canyon Restaurants

After seeing Lee’s Ferry, come back to Jacob Lake and enjoy a wonderful meal at the counter or in the dining room.  If you get back by 7:30 you can attend local expert John Rich’s presentation on Navajo culture, weaving and mythology.  He gives the presentation every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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