Hiking Trails

Rainbow Rim Trail

Mountainbike the Rainbow Rim Trail Attractions: The Rainbow Rim Trail is located, along the rim of the Grand Canyon and connects five large `Points' of land which overhang the Canyon and the Arizona Strip. The five `Points' are: Parissawampitts, Fence, Locust, North...

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Hike North Canyon

NORTH CANYON Attractions This trail is located within the Saddle Mountain Wilderness. Beginning from FR 611, the trail descends through mixed conifer and oak thickets into North Canyon. The trail then leads back and forth across a small stream as it follows the canyon...

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The Kaibab National Forest

Explore The Kaibab National Forest The Kaibab Plateau is a wonderful area to experience the beauty of nature. It is the home of the Kaibab White Tailed Squirrel as well as many other species of plants and animals. Wildflowers and fall colors are among nature’s...

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Jacob Lake Inn Grand Canyon North Rim Lodging Hotel Rooms
  • King Beds
  • Two queen bed combinations
  • Cable TV and Phone Access
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Motel Rooms

Jacob Lake Inn Grand Canyon North Rim Lodging Motel Rooms
  • Two Queen Beds in each room
  • No TV, or Phone.
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Historic Cabins

Jacob Lake Inn Grand Canyon North Rim Lodging Cabins
  • King, Queen, and Double Bed combinations available
  • No TV or Phones.
  • Family units with two queen beds and a double bed.
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